In treating the symptoms of rosacea, some have found that the redness which is so common on the face, may also appear on the ears. The outer ears may appear flaky and feel warm to the touch in addition to being red.

Some may view these symptoms so similar to facial rosacea as a manifestation of their rosacea symptoms and may even report that their rosacea has spread to their ears. Others may view this as a separate but related skin condition which is occurring with rosacea. Both could be considered correct.

Ear involvement with rosacea is not uncommon. These symptoms may be considered rosacea or more correctly termed as seborrhea dermatitis. The redness and flaking frequently occur for the same reason we observe rosacea symptoms extend to include the area around the hairline. Dryness, flakiness and irritation are often the result of hair products which when applied may either come in contact with the face or ears or migrate to the exposed skin areas. Hairsprays, gels and creams usually contain drying agents to aid in shaping or holding the style.

Treating the symptoms of ear rosacea involve the same treatment methods used to treat facial rosacea but would also include avoiding contact with hair products on the ears.

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