In some instances rosacea can migrate from the facial area to the neck and upper front of the chest area. The affected skin may appear red, blotchy or even appear sun burnt. In most cases the symptoms of neck rosacea are limited to flushing, itching, possible dryness and a sensation of burning or heat in the affected area.

The causes of neck rosacea can be the same as facial rosacea but may also be the result of perfumes or sprays that come in contact with the skin of the neck or upper chest. Even deodorant or perfumed soaps and cleansing bars may cause dryness, redness and irritation.

Treatment for neck rosacea is much the same as facial rosacea: drink plenty of water to keep the skin hydrated, avoid any know triggers, soothe the skin with jojoba oil and consider Rosacea-Ltd to calm and soothe the redness and inflammation.

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