How to use Rosacea Ltd IV

Rosacea-Ltd IV is simple and easy to use

The below is a general concept of how to use Rosacea-Ltd IV which will take less time than applying lipstick and considerably less than brushing your teeth.

Each rosacea patient has a different letter of instructions written from your ‘order form’ to meet your rosacea needs from your skin history and past medications. The skin conditions such as acne, seborrheic dermatitis, eczema, or inflamed sensitive skin resulting from past use of harsh products such as Accutane, steroids, retinoids, laser or photoderm treatments always require different needs. Also, those with severely harsh sun or photo damage need special attention as well as those rosacea sufferers who are seriously dehydrated.

Note: You will want to increase your water intake. Your goal here is to reach at least 10 glasses of water each day. One way to do this is by doubling the amount you are drinking now (example: If you are drinking 3, you should reach 6). Do this for a few days to let your body adjust. By, day three reach for the target goal of 10 glasses of water a day. Others may be compelled to jump right in and go for the full amount, which is fine as well. You may want to test you pH balance, the easiest way is by testing your urine. You can buy urine pH testing strips from GNC, Rite Aid, Health food stores, and so on, but all the mention stores may not carrying them. carries the strips and also the meters as well.

To aid in the healing of your rosacea skin, reduce the acidic foods and beverages in your diet or balance/buffer the acid foods with more alkaline foods and water. Simply increasing your water intake can reduce redness and skin irritation. However, more alkaline food along with more alkaline water will be most beneficial to aid in new cell regeneration that is needed in the healing process currently as well into the future years.

The best time to begin application of Rosacea Ltd IV is the early evening after thoroughly washing your face with one of the following soaps that are easy to find and inexpensive: Neutrogena (the transparent facial bar) “dry skin formula – fragrance free” is very good. Another excellent option is the Dove “normal white bar” that has been known for years for use on sensitive skin. And the most unusual but the best for the most ultra-sensitive skin is the Noxzema Shaving cream for sensitive skin.

  • 1. Simply wet your face with a clean wet wash cloth to hydrate your skin well. Then using the wash cloth and the use one of the two above soap, clean the skin and rinse thoroughly with a generous amount of water to remove the soap and to leave the skin well hydrated. While the face is still wet, gently glide, or slide the ultra-smooth light tan, Rosacea Ltd IV disk over the wet facial surface or affected area which will allow the proper amount of invisible ingredients to dissolve on to the skin. A two second application on each side of the face is a gracious plenty. Leave the invisible Rosacea-Ltd IV on the skin until the next time you wash your face which should be no longer than 8 to 10 hours. Use the wonderful healing Jojoba Oil as recommended on our Rosacea Lifestyles Page (or the substitute of Safflower Oil as both are natural and very much like human skin oil). Use Rosacea-Ltd IV only at night for the first three nights. The application should be limited to a very brief two seconds on each side of the face as Rosacea-Ltd IV penetrates and migrates easily through the skin tissue. The two second application will allow the proper amount of invisible ingredients to dissolve on to the skin. With rosacea, “Less is More”.
  • 2. After 3 night time applications, add a morning application, following the same procedure as the previous evening application. A brief two seconds application on each side of the face as that will be enough. The quick Rosacea-Ltd IV application process should take only about 4 additional seconds (two seconds for each side of the face) after the normal washing and/or shaving of your face. And for women, foundation can very easily be applied over the Rosacea-Ltd IV at any time desired.
  • 3. After usually 10 days of application of the tan disk both normal and night (as your sensitive skin has become better hydrated) substitute the yellow Rosacea-Ltd IV application at night only instead of using the light tan Rosacea-Ltd IV and continue with the tan in the morning. The yellow disk usually requires a “smaller” application which is most advantageous for longevity and improving the condition of the skin’s beauty. Remember that Rosacea Ltd IV penetrates and migrates so you do not have to cover the “entire rosacea affected area. And we wish to say again with rosacea “Less is More”.

Follow the Letter of Instructions that we write for you based on your skin condition as your skin is different than that of another rosacea sufferer.