A papule is a small reddish colored inflamed nodule or bump under the skin that does not contain pus. It may feel itchy or be accompanied by a rash. Papules may appear alone or but more often occur in groups of two or more within the rash. A papule is a lesion formed as part of our body’s immune defense system. When there is a break in the surface of the skin allowing bacteria or germs to enter the body, our immune system rushes white blood cells to the area to isolate the intrusion. This forms a small pocket around the area which present son the skin as a small raised bump which often appears red due to the inflammation caused by the cells attempt to isolate the bacterial invasion.

Treatment of papules involves requires a gentle touch. If you scrub or use an abrasive cream or lotions such as acne scrubs or exfolients you risk causing further irritation to the skin creating a more severe problem. A calming anti-bacterial application such as Rosacea-Ltd applied twice a day to the dampened skin can help to clear the papule/papules within a few days.

Keeping the skin well hydrated with the application of a light moisturizing oil such as chamomile or jojoba can help prevent future occurrences by forming a non-comedogenic barrier on the skin. This light oil is absorbed easily into the skin without resulting in clogged pores that can cause a re-occurrence of the papules. Another way to keep the skin hydrated is to increase your water intake. The skin is the body’s largest organ and as such when the body is dehydrated, the skin is the first to display the effects in dry, flaky patches or small cracks in the skin’s surface.

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