To manage and control rosacea, your skin care routine should consist of three basic elements. The need to prevent or minimize the intensity of future rosacea flares, a method of protecting the skin to enhance its ability to better control triggers for your rosacea symptoms, and the power to correct the damage that has already occurred.

The team of skin care researchers at Rosacea-Ltd is dedicated to providing you with useful tools for success in treating and managing your rosacea, but only you can decide how much you wish to invest in your personal health.

To prevent or at least minimize the intensity of future rosacea flares, we explore the principles of how our body’s own immune system can trigger a rosacea symptom response. Any time our body identifies what it believes to be a breach in the skin’s surface, it responds by sending an infusion of anti-bodies through the blood stream to the site of this breach. We observe this action on the surface of our skin as an area of redness as the immune system surrounds and isolates the intruding factor/germ or bacteria. The flush we experience with rosacea may be simply a reactionary process caused by a crack or fissure that has opened up in the skin due to skin dryness or exfoliation caused by an acne medication or even an anti-wrinkle cream.

To minimize the intensity of future flares, we explore the effects of rosacea triggers by examining the causes of rosacea flushing and the lifestyle choices that initiate a rosacea symptom response. Not all triggers affect all people. The key is to determine which triggers elicit a rosacea response in your skin.

Correcting the damage that has already occurred as a result of your rosacea may be as simple as stopping all current rosacea treatments and allowing the skin a chance to calm and heal. During this time, enhance the body’s immune system so that it can better the effects of your rosacea triggers. This can be accomplished by balancing the pH in your body to be more neutral. It has been proven that the more acidic your body is, the weaker your immune system becomes and thus the less able it is to fight germs, bacteria and even the effects of rosacea triggers.

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