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Rosacea-Ltd is […]

The Ingredients in your Rosacea Treatment May be Causing Your Rosacea

The ingredients in the cream or ointment prescribed to treat your rosacea may actually aggravate or worsen your rosacea. Often times it’s not the primary ingredient that causes problems but the additives used to preserve the medication, keep it from drying out too quickly in the package or used to allow it to glide more easily over the skin that can be the source of additional irritation, redness, and dryness or skin rashes.

One such ingredient which can be difficult to avoid is Sodium lauryl sulfate. When this ingredient is applied to the skin through the use of creams, lotions, shampoo or topical medications, it results in a thinning of the protective outer layer of the skin.

When the top layer of the skin is damaged the result is an increased susceptibility to bacteria and infections, the skin’s ability to hold moisture is compromised resulting in increased dryness and […]

The Science of Facial Rashes

Treatment of facial rashes can vary based on the type and cause, but all are dependent on the same process of keeping the skin moisturized to reduce itching and keeping the skin hydrated to reduce dryness and irritation. One of the best choices for any age group to keep the skin hydrated is Jojoba Oil. Jojoba Oil is a plant was ester, which is safe for use on all skin rashes, and rarely causes an allergic reaction. Be careful of moisturizing products containing lanolin, which may cause an allergic reaction. Ideally, jojoba oil should be applied three to four times a day. Apply in a gentle soothing motion in the direction of hair growth to prevent the moisturizing oil from accumulating of around the hair follicle. An accumulation of lotion or oil surrounding the hair follicle can lead to clogged pores.

Strive to achieve a balance between […]

The Time Worn Theory That Mites Cause Rosacea

It’s surprising to note that the national news sources are all reporting the NEW STARTLING DISCOVERY of the decades old theory that rosacea is somehow caused by Demodex Mites. If this were truly the case than the entire population of the world would be suffering from rosacea. There’s your first clue that it’s not true, just another scare story that’s been picked up by numerous news sources to pray upon our fears.

The very real fear here is that someone might actually believe it and in doing so feel the only way to rid their skin of these ultra-magnified terrifying creatures is to scrub, scour and scrape their skin, thus inflicting even more permanent damage to an already sensitive skin condition.

For anything to CAUSE rosacea, we must first create a situation to weaken the skin’s defenses enough to create the conditions for rosacea to prosper. So how might […]

Rosacea Hydration Guideline

For every climate and environment, the requirement to maintain proper hydration for rosacea can differ. There needs will differs from location to location and season to season making it sometimes difficult to regulate, manage and control your rosacea symptoms.

Water is the essential element of life. This simple hydrogen compound can determine not only our quality of life but also our ability to sustain life and yet it is the one life element we so often take for granted. Water regulates our body’s performance in many ways. Too little or too much water can place undue stress on the body and its ability to function. The body can actually survive longer without food than it can without water.

Water and hydration are needed to control and maintain body temperature. We rely on water to rid the body of toxins and waste. Water hydrates and plumps the skin tissue giving […]

The Visible Effect of Pollution on our Skin

Pollutants in the air may have a bigger impact on our daily lives than we realize. Pollution is more than just the soot, dirt and grime that you visually see but it’s also the things you don’t see, the gases and vapors that you breathe in every day. These invisible pollutants or greenhouse gases have the most visible impact on our skin. We breathe carbon monoxide, nitrogen dioxide, sulfur dioxide, volatile organic compounds, hydrocarbons, hydrogen sulfide, particulate matter, and toxic air contaminants such as lead, methane, perfluorocarbons, sulfur hexafluoride, hydrofluorocarbons, nitrogen trifluoride, and hydrofluoroethers. As these pollutants interact with rain, water and dust in the air they breakdown the protective ozone layer surrounding our planet, allowing the sun’s ultra violet rays an easier access to our skin. This effect causes a breakdown and sometimes irreversible damage to the surface of our skin.

As we inhale these airborne pollutants, […]

Neurogenic Rosacea

Everyone’s rosacea is unique based on a wide variety of variables such as environment, family history, acidic imbalances in the body, medications or treatments one’s is using or has recently used, dehydration, vitamins and supplements, diet and lifestyle routines. This can make it very difficult to pinpoint the best way to address treatment of one’s specific symptoms in order to achieve control of their rosacea. From time to time despite all efforts, management of rosacea seems to defy all logical medical explanation. As a sign of progress being made in treating rosacea, as recently as 2011 a new subtype or variant of rosacea was identified and named neurogenic rosacea.

Identification of this new variant came about based upon patients for whom all other standard and traditional therapies have proven ineffective. In these patients the symptoms of rosacea appear to be the result of a neurological trigger. In […]

Don’t Over Think Your Rosacea Treatment

Don’t over think your rosacea treatment. You don’t need a complicated routine to be successful in controlling your rosacea. Keep it simple, keep in basic and keep it on track.

Keep the body well hydrated. Probably 90% of our rosacea flares are related to hydration or rather the lack thereof. If the body is dry, as the body’s largest organ, the skin is dry. If the body is dehydrated, hormone levels will be affected making one more susceptible to facial redness, pimples and papules.

Cleanse the skin gently. Do not over exfoliate. We often think we can scrub away or peel away all the unwanted skin and with it the unwanted rosacea. In reality all this does is make it worse. The skin becomes redder and more sensitive. A soft wash cloth used to apply your skin cleanser will gently remove your makeup, dirt, bacteria and exfoliate […]

How to Overcome Your Worst Rosacea Habits

Your rosacea triggers are often influenced by habits. You get complacent in your rosacea treatment routine and get a bit lazy about how you monitor your triggers and before you realize it, you are dealing with yet another rosacea flare. And it always seems to happen when at a time when you really need your rosacea to rest quietly in remission.

None of us are perfect and so often when your rosacea symptoms are under control, you slip up a little bit, and indulge in a few more of the things that can trigger a flare-up of symptoms. Once the symptoms get out of control, it can almost seem monumental to rein in the habits again. Just as in the workplace, you re-certify every couple years to refresh your habits and learn what’s new in your field, from time to time you need to review and refresh your rosacea […]

Five Things You May Not Know About Rosacea

Rosacea is not just a condition affecting those of Eastern European decent. It was once believed that rosacea only occurred in people with lighter skin tones. And while the majority of diagnosed rosacea sufferers may still fit this category, there are a rising number of people of Asian, Middle Eastern and African decent being diagnosed with symptoms of rosacea. The reason for this may be related to the spread of western diet to other countries and as countries become more industrialized there is an increased in stress related conditions and pollution all of which contribute to rosacea symptoms.

Rosacea partially results from a triggered immune system response. Our immune system triggers antibodies which rush through the blood stream to the skin’s surface to secure and protect the internal organs from any perceived attack on the body. Anything that comes in contact with our skin’s surface has the potential to […]