Rosacea-Ltd’s Personalized Skin Care for Rosacea

Rosacea-Ltd is committed to the continuing research and development of our unique blend of minerals specifically chosen due to their time proven effectiveness in treating and soothing the skin affected by rosacea. We provide a customized approach to your rosacea treatment. Based on the questions we ask during the order process, we can better access the condition or your skin and the many influences that affect your rosacea and cause your condition to flare. Each of us respond differently to the various triggers, what may result in an extreme reaction for one person, produces only a mild reaction in another. We take all this into account as we personalize your treatment plan to help you achieve the maximum healing possible for your rosacea. Our unique process combines the principles of skin care, daily habits, current and past treatments, and lifestyle factors to create for you a truly […]

Innovation in Rosacea Treatment

Rosacea-Ltd is an innovative, novel approach to skin care that is the result of over 16 years of research based on the precise fine tuning of the best blend of medical technology, scientific expertise, and cellular therapy to produce an all-natural highly advanced method of skincare. Rosacea-Ltd is founded on a practice of total healing. We believe that if you can incorporate the natural healing ability of the body with the treatment of the symptoms of rosacea, you can affect a cure of your rosacea. Our goal is to change the way you approach the treatment of your rosacea. Our scientifically advanced breakthroughs in the theories into the cause of rosacea, allow us to provide you with plan to address not just the surface of the skin affected by rosacea but to look deeper and address the genetic underlying cause and effect of your rosacea symptoms.

Rosacea […]

The Three Basic Elements of Rosacea Treatment

To manage and control rosacea, your skin care routine should consist of three basic elements. The need to prevent or minimize the intensity of future rosacea flares, a method of protecting the skin to enhance its ability to better control triggers for your rosacea symptoms, and the power to correct the damage that has already occurred.

The team of skin care researchers at Rosacea-Ltd is dedicated to providing you with useful tools for success in treating and managing your rosacea, but only you can decide how much you wish to invest in your personal health.

To prevent or at least minimize the intensity of future rosacea flares, we explore the principles of how our body’s own immune system can trigger a rosacea symptom response. Any time our body identifies what it believes to be a breach in the skin’s surface, it responds by sending an infusion […]

Managing Rosacea Easily

`Most people have no idea how to manage their rosacea. We mistakenly assume that we get a prescription, apply the cream to our skin. We’re told watch your triggers and avoid them, and that’s it. Sounds great but where’s the rest of the story? How will this cream or gel help, and what are MY triggers?

Managing and controlling rosacea takes a lot more than a visit to your dermatologist. It takes a motivated dedication on your part to your own treatment. You need to take control of your rosacea management. Learn about the factors that influence rosacea and use this information to reflect on your condition and isolate what factors may have influenced your current condition.

Before you begin a new treatment, stop everything else and let your skin recover from the last treatment so that you can determine if the new treatment is working, if it is helping […]

Managing Rosacea Symptoms Through pH Balance

We have spoken a lot about balancing the body’s pH as a method of controlling the symptoms of rosacea and managing the skin’s response to rosacea triggers. There are many ways this can be achieved. Our body acts in many ways as a complex system of checks and balances and when operating at its optimum levels, controlling rosacea symptoms is a very easy task. Our body naturally neutralizes acids through a system of controlled buffers or processes. The body expels some acids through the basic process of breathing. As we exhale, we release carbon dioxide from the lungs, the carbon dioxide is a by-product of the body filtering and processing the oxygen we breathe. The carbon dioxide is acidic and through exhaling we release or remove these acids from the body. Some acids from the foods and beverages we consume are excreted through the kidneys and colon. As we […]

The Strategy of Rosacea Treatment

One needs to approach the treatment of rosacea as a mindset. Successful management of your rosacea symptoms is a balance measuring your level of compromise versus what you hope to achieve in results. If one avoided every trigger for rosacea, would it guarantee rosacea clear skin? For some, yes, for others the equation is much more complex and even avoiding every trigger, the symptoms may still persist. It’s not just the known triggers that accelerate a rosacea flare. When our body is in a reactive phase due to an acidic culture within the body, a rosacea flare can occur not only from the traditional triggers but nearly anything could instigate a flare of symptoms and cause the skin to react in redness, itching bumps and irritation. Often times when we are having difficulty isolating the cause of our current flare it may be due to a chemical […]

Embrace a Change in Rosacea Treatment

Transform your rosacea treatment regimen from one of haphazard results to success. In treating rosacea one must sometimes move beyond boundaries of what we have been led to believe is a lifelong incurable condition. Embrace a change in thinking about how you approach your treatment of rosacea.
Bass & Boney, the creators of one of the most distinctive rosacea treatments ever made have spent years on research and development of a novel new approach to rosacea skin care. Rosacea-Ltd is a unique rosacea treatment with specially selected ingredients combining the ability to calm, reduce redness and protect the skin along with protection that comes from anti-bacterial agents in the ingredients. This technologically advanced rosacea compound works synergistically to soothe the skin while helping to restore, maintain and replenish a healthier environment to the protective outer barrier of the skin to enhance healing.Your connection to clearer skin is only a […]

Rosacea Symptoms

Rosacea symptoms can be vague at times. They’ve often been described as someone who blushes or flushes easily in embarrassing or stressful situations. That could apply to almost everyone. So what sets rosacea apart? The flushing may last longer for someone with rosacea, the facial redness more intense and it may not always be initiated by a single event or situation. Some say rosacea looks like a sunburn and we all have met those people who love to comment and bring attention to the redness with some usually loud comment about the redness on your face and this only serves to make the matter worse.

Rosacea may appear not so much as a sunburnt appearance but as a pattern of little tiny lines or visible blood veins as fine as a spider’s web across the cheeks and nose. In times of stress, heat, fatigue or as part of your […]

Reduce Rosacea with Celery

The old adage that eating an apple everyday can keep the doctor away may be true but a tall glass of celery juice (16 ounces) may keep rosacea away! Celery ranks very high on the alkaline food chart which makes it a great choice to add to foods or to drink in a juiced form to balance acidic foods. Celery contains numerous health benefits: it can boost white cell counts through the compound coumarin and aids our vascular system. Celery like all high alkaline content foods, purifies the bloodstream, is a natural stress reliever, helps reduce blood pressure, it aids in balancing and maintaining our digestive system.

The vitamins and nutrients in celery, namely sodium, calcium, magnesium, iron and silicon are essential natural anti-inflammatories and are beneficial to rosacea sufferers in reducing skin redness and irritation. Celery acts as a natural diuretic and aids the body in removing toxins […]

Analyzing Rosacea

Rosacea is considered to be among the top ten skin conditions affecting adults. Other skin conditions in this top 10 group include cold sores, hives, skin tags, eczema, psoriasis, age spots, moles, athlete’s foot fungus, and shingles.

Rosacea is primarily a facial skin condition resulting in periods of remission and flares in symptoms. The symptoms include a flushed, or pinkish to reddish colored rash usually occurring on the central area of the face which includes the nose, cheeks, forehead and chin. One may experience pimples or small red bumps called papules. Some describe their rosacea rash as appearing as fine thin red lines consisting of tiny broken blood vessels. Others describe their redness as looking like a sunburn. Rosacea for others can appear as patches of redness or blotchiness on the face.

Rosacea is considered a facial skin condition; it can also affect the upper chest, ears, neck and eyes. Skin […]