The portrait of who commonly gets rosacea is changing. It was once believed that rosacea was primarily a condition that affects people, and in general more women than men, over the age of 30. In the past it has been a more prevalent condition of people from northern or eastern European decent due to their lighter skin and fairer complexion. Over 16 years of research and tracking of rosacea and the people affected by it has shown us at Bass & Boney is that while the fair skinned over 30 group were once the norm, today it seems rosacea affects an often younger group of people and a much more diverse ethnicity. We believe that daily stress, fatigue and the wider spreading advance of the western culture and lifestyle have played a major part in this evolution of the typical portrait of a rosacea sufferer.

The lifestyle habits of the western culture have become more common place in other cultures and environments and many of these habits contribute heavily to body stress, fatigue and dehydration. All of which are prominent triggers in rosacea, the progression of rosacea, and the occurrence of rosacea flares. When the body is stressed, acidic or out of balance; the skin, the largest organ in our bodies is the first to show signs of these internal stresses. The skin reacts with redness, rashes, irritation, pimples, and flaking patches of skin, clogged pores and bumps.

The cure for rosacea then, is to manage the stress that affects our body. Keep the body well hydrated, alkaline balanced and your skin will thank you and present your best appearance to the world

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