Can the symptoms of rosacea be present in childhood? If one were to believe in a genetic marker or genetic predisposition for rosacea, then the answer would be yes. Do you ever observe your child outside at play and notice a red, blotchy appearance on their cheeks and face and worry this could be an early onset rosacea? Or you notice your child’s facial area becomes flushed with the heat or cold. While it is possible that symptoms of a rosacea like predisposition could be present in children, it is also possible to change these traits that have produced the appearance of the predisposition or early onset rosacea-like condition.

Often these flushed facial traits occur when children are excited or overly stimulated by outdoor activities. When children get involved in outdoor activities, they often forget or in some cases were never taught to drink plenty of water, to keep their body well hydrated. They don’t even think about it until they become excessively thirsty or when there is a pause in the activities.

How often do you give your child a water bottle to take along when they go out to play or insist on a break in the games for a rest and water break? Children live what they learn and they adopt our good habits and our bad. We have to teach them to perform at their peak, they have to nurture their body and keep it performing at its peak.

When you observe your child developing a rosacea-like flush during activities, it should be a trigger for you to address and start good healthy habits in your children. In doing so, we may be able to reduce the occurrence of rosacea within a single generation.

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