Chronic rosacea is a situation in which the rosacea episodes re-occur with regularity or persist for long periods of time, but it is not indicative of the severity of the rosacea. Chronic rosacea can be more mentally challenging to the rosacea sufferer which adds to the stress of the condition and in fact precipitates the cycle of re-occurring or longer lasting episodes of rosacea flares.

The longer or more frequently rosacea occurs can make it more difficult to control. People are by nature creatures of habit and once we establish a cycle of habit, it’s hard to break away from it. But simply changing the cycle of your habit can have a big and positive impact on your rosacea.

The most common and frequent habits that affect rosacea are stress, body dehydration, immune system imbalance, and lotions, treatments and creams applied to the facial skin. The quickest way to enact a change in these habits is to simply STOP EVERYTHING. Go back to the basics of skin care – drink plenty of water, eat well balanced meals, and apply only healing, pure moisture oil to the skin. Give your body and skin a few weeks to heal and this will calm the stress.

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