In a revolutionary new concept in rosacea treatment, why not treat rosacea at its source; address the symptoms and the cause of the symptoms. Past rosacea treatment has relied on the concept that to treat rosacea one should remove the offending skin through processes such as exfoliation as in the case of Benzoyl peroxide solutions or retinol formulations, others have promoted the theory that is must be a bug, bacteria or yeast infection that must be sterilized or killed off to in effect remove the rosacea from the skin. These have all proven to be very harsh, drastic measure that in many cases resulted in even more facial redness, and rough abraded skin. These past solutions actually made the symptoms of rosacea worse.

Enter a new treatment concept – heal the skin and in doing so the redness, sensitivity and irritation will also be healed. This is the treatment protocol enlisted by Rosacea-Ltd. – a composition of natural minerals specially formulated to treat the problems with the skin not create additional skin concerns. A quick application made by gliding the mineral formulation over the dampened skin on the affected areas is all that is needed to begin the healing process. By removing the harsh chemicals often found in other rosacea treatments you allow the skin to be treated through a soothing process that does not cause further irritation or redness.

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