Many may view rosy pink cheeks as a sign of good health and beauty. For others that rosy glow indicates the occurrence of a possible skin condition called rosacea. Optimum health and beauty in skin care is actually a result of finding the right balance to unlock the full potential of your skin. Eating and drinking properly is not only less expensive but much healthier over both the short and long term. And a proper rosacea diet reduces the chance of rosacea as well as poor health and diseases such as diabetes, allergies, sinus conditions, obesity, osteoporosis, rheumatism, arthritis, lupus, and cancer. While as a rosacea sufferer we are very concerned about our facial appearances, with some of these aforementioned debilitating diseases, many of these patients don’t even want to go out socially. Many of these problems can be prevented or drastically reduced by an alkaline diet as ‘acid foods and drinks’ cause many of the problems.

Acidic foods and drinks range from 0 to 7 on the pH (potential of hydrogen) while alkaline foods and drinks are in the range of 7 to 14. The human body is most often operating in the 7.4 range or alkaline. All of life’s acids are wearing the body down by reducing the pH. These acids are lactic acid caused by heavy exercise or just the average wearing of body cells over a lifetime. Likewise the improper exhaustion of carbon dioxide from the lungs cause a acid pH level that can turn most people ‘pink’ or ‘red’ in 30 seconds. Try holding your breath for a short time.

Rosacea triggers are the result of acid foods and drinks. The focus on acids and alkaline balance are a new concept for many rosacea sufferers. However, most of our lives acids foods, drinks, medications as well as illegal drugs are also defined as “toxic, fat, cholesterol, plaque” or when inside of the body the ‘acids’ are defined as “cancer, pus, phlegm, coughing, pneumonia, urine or feces” which always denote a hopefully a temporary situation for the buildup of toxins.

Rosacea skin care begins with rosacea health care. Rosacea control can be maintained naturally through the proper alkaline/acidic balance. The rosacea community may not have announced a cure for rosacea, but control, management and remission of rosacea are very realistic goals.

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