Arlene has been dealing with symptoms of rosacea since April of 1999.

Arlene describes her rosacea Symptoms as areas of redness on the nose and cheeks with occasional red bumps.

Past treatment was metrogel.

Arlene noted that Rosacea-Ltd produced positive results in one week.

Additional comments and original email:

Name: Arlene

Date Submitted: 9/6/1999

My situation is different from most of the praise reports I have read in that I have not had rosacea for a long time and I have not taken any oral antibiotics. I was diagnosed with rosacea in late April. The only symptom I had was redness of the nose and cheeks. I was advised by my dermatologist that I should start on tetracycline and metrogel. I refused the tetracycline and tried the topical. I had no outbreaks yet and couldn’t understand why an oral antibiotic should help. The metrogel did not help after a few weeks so I decided to research on the net. I discovered Rosacea-Ltd. and decided it was worth a try. It really helped the redness within a week. I have since started to experience the red bumps also. With the use of the discs the bumps usually disappear within a week. I tend to stress over things I can’t control and the support given by this company has been invaluable. I am beginning to accept this condition as one that probably won’t ever go away and I also realize that I will have ups and downs. The lifestyle section of the Rosacea-Ltd. web site offers many ways to help assure the downs stay at a minimum. I feel that the discs offer an alternative that works. I already have to take antibiotics for dental work and with all the articles on antibiotic resistant bugs I felt oral antibiotics were not an option! I am truly grateful for the Rosacea-Ltd. product and for the information and support given by their web site.

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