Sandy has been dealing with rosacea symptoms since 1984.

Sandy describes her rosacea Symptoms as a cause for ‘embarrassing second looks.’

Past treatments included all the various antibiotics and skin cream

Sandy noted that Rosacea-Ltd not only has improved her rosacea but she is also using it to address the symptoms of cellulite!

Additional comments and original email:

Name: Sandy

Date Submitted: 10/12/1999

This is my third order, I use the brown disk for daytime use and the yellow disk for nighttime, I have been through all the antibiotic, skin cream, the whole gammit, this really really works, it has made a huge difference in my life, I don’t get those embarrassing second looks, unless it’s just admiration (ha ha) I would recommend this to anyone who has rosacea. I have been looking for this for 15 years, I love it. Also, I know this is hard to believe, but it has made a huge difference in cellulite for me. I am a 6 to 8 mile a day runner, I do step aerobics, nautilus machines, eat right (most of the time), and nothing has ever help the battle of the cellulite like this has, and I have been running and working out for 20 years. I use the yellow sulfur based disk, after working out or right out of the shower,, on wet upper thigh area, and I have seen a remarkable difference. I worked as a lab technician, Phlebotomy, for 11 years, and it just clicked thinking about the sulfur baths being so good for the skin and body, so I tried it, and it does work for me, I love it. Thank you Bass & Boney, Inc. Sandy Parmelee

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