Lilly has been dealing with rosacea symptoms since 1992.

Lilly found her Symptoms did not respond to conventional treatments.

Past treatments included many different medications

Lilly noted that after using Rosacea-Ltd for one week even her mother noticed the improvement.

Additional comments and original email:

Name: Lilly

Date Submitted: 3/23/2000

I have had rosacea for about 8 years, went on medication with little results. Trying to cope with this I went to the internet and decided to try this product, it was a week before Christmas.

On Christmas day my mother noticed right away how much better my skin was. At first when you put on the brown disc, it burns a little and it actually got redder but as it dried my red face was a pink. Now its been almost three months and I don’t even need to wear makeup, that is unbelievable, this product is truly a miracle.

Also, I want to add, they tell you not to use the yellow disc for 60 days – follow the directions because if you use it early if will only irritate it. But when it’s the right time for the yellow disc it works beautifully. Never in a million years did I think anything would work, let alone within a day when you see results. Good luck believe me its worth it.

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