Kathryn has been using Rosacea-Ltd since March or 2001.

Kathryn’s symptoms included facial skin eruptions resulting in deep nodules beneath the surface of the skin.

Kathryn began to see positive results with Rosacea-Ltd after three days.

Additional comments and original email:

Name: Dr. Kathryn Tittel

Date Submitted: 5/16/2001

I have now been using the discs for 60 days and am TOTALLY Surprised, Impressed and Pleased with my results!!!! The deep nodules that I used to get have completely subsided, and if I DO get an eruption, it resolves QUICKLY AND COMPLETELY!!! Probably the most gratifying thing is that a patient of mine, NOTICED the improvement and commented upon it!!!!

Thank you for providing a product that not only works, but helps restore confidence in facing the world!!

(By the way, being of a scientific nature, I was going to take photographs of my skin to chronicle the “before” and “after”, but your product started working too well, too quickly (within 3 days), and I could not take the first photo!!!!

I am telling EVERYONE I know about this wonderful addition to my life.

Thanks again,

Dr. Kathryn S. Tittel

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