J. Deaton has symptoms of rosacea for many years.

Symptoms included skin deterioration associated with rosacea, pustules and facial redness.

Past treatments included one year of antibiotics – 2 different tetracyclines -isotretinoin and various other preparations.

J. Deaton experienced results in a few weeks consisting of a reduction of the pustules and redness.

Additional comments and original email:

Name: J. Deaton

Date Submitted: 8/6/2000

I have for many years attempted to find a treatment which would alleviate the symptoms and skin deterioration associated with rosacea (this included, one year of antibiotics – 2 different tetracyclines -isotretinoin and various other preparations. I had no positive results and continued to have trouble until I used the Rosacea Ltd. tablets. I was very skeptical at first, but persevered and after a very short time (a few weeks) noticed a reduction of the pustules and redness associated with the roseacea. After 2 months of treatment my skin was noticeably improved. I now need no makeup to hide the condition which has so long been a problem. It is now 8 months and my skin has returned to the softness and color it had before the rosacea occurred. I will continue to use the product.

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