Art has been using Rosacea-Ltd since 2001.

Symptoms including steroid rosacea, affected the central facial region of his ‘forehead, my eyelids, around my nose and on my chin.’

Past treatments consist of an assortment of antibiotics, diet, herbal remedies and steroids.

In three weeks of Rosacea-Ltd use, Art experienced clearing of his symptoms and even restored his self-confidence!

Additional comments and original email:

Name: Art Harach

Date Submitted: 2/8/2001

I have had Rosacea in the past, and with antibiotics and strict diet it disappeared but reappeared 2 years ago. I again tried strict diet and antibiotics but to no avail. I also tried herbal remedies with no luck. The only thing that worked was Diprosalic lotion(steriod) but when I quit using it, the Rosacea came back twice as bad. I had it on my forehead, my eyelids, around my nose and on my chin. I decided to use Rosacea III, as I had nothing to lose. Well after the steroid rebound was taken care of, the Rosacea virtually disappeared within 3 weeks. Thank you Rosacea III, you gave me my self-confidence back and I don’t have to walk around trying to hide my face.

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