Katherine has been experiencing rosacea symptoms since 1976.

Symptoms included redness, inflammation, enlarged pores, and oily skin.

Past treatments consist of a variety of different treatments.

Katherine began to see visible improvement in her skin within 2 days of starting Rosacea-Ltd.

Additional comments and original email:

Name: Katherine

Date Submitted: 3/28/2001

I have been dealing with this problem for nearly 25 years…tried most things and this is definitely the best! I am on day 10 of using the discs. I noticed a visible difference in the condition of my skin after day 2.

My skin is much smoother with very few bumps left.

The redness and inflammation are reduced and my skin feels much calmer.

I am particularly pleased with the reduction in pore size and my face is no longer oily…even at the end of the day.

I keep doing a double take when I look in the mirror expecting to see greasy, angry red skin and instead see a great overall improvement. I will save a fortune in skincare products and makeup!

Thanks to all concerned. I would highly recommend the product.

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