Joan has experienced symptoms of rosacea since 1985.

Symptoms included facial redness and pustules.

Past treatments consisted of oral antibiotics.

Joan began to see visible improvement in her skin within a few days of starting Rosacea-Ltd and reports after 3 months use ‘absolutely no sign of rosacea’

Additional comments and original email:

Name: Joan Durso

Date Submitted: 4/7/2001

I am 32yrs. old and have been suffering from rosacea since the age of 16! The only thing that worked for me was going on Tetracycline. Well, this last time that didn’t even work because I have built up a tolerance to all the antibiotics. I was at wits end when I decided to give Rosacea Ltd III a try, I thought what the heck, can’t hurt to try. I couldn’t believe my eyes, within a few days the pustules were beginning to disappear and the overall redness was greatly lessened. My husband looked at me at commented “boy, that stuff is really working!” I was so happy to have found something that is topical and nothing I have to ingest. It is dangerous to be on antibiotics for too long. Well here I am 3 months later with absolutely no sign of rosacea, yippee!!!! Thank you not only for your incredible product but for all the excellent personal customer service you gave me along the way. It made all the difference in the world.

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