Jane has had rosacea since 1969.

Jane has used a variety of treatments in the past including antibiotics, steroids and retinoids.

Additional comments and original email:

Name: Jane Clarkson

Date Submitted: 5/31/2001

Rosacea-Ltd III is the best product for rosacea while at the least expensive price. I will not tell you how old I am, but I have seen dermatologist for 32 years at major research universities, and I know everything has been tried on me at least once from antibiotics to retinoids to steroids. Rosacea-Ltd III is consistently better than any other while “not causing harm” in any way after about two years of use. The Rosacea-Ltd III website is well written and makes total sense, and the product is even better. The company does everything it promises and then even more. I am totally amazed at the improvements. Thank you for being ‘real’.

Jane Clarkson

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