Michelle was diagnosed with rosacea in 1994.

Michelle’s rosacea symptoms included facial redness and bumps that are worse in the winter months.

Michelle’s previous treatments included metrogel, topical antibiotics and steroids.

Michelle notes that her ‘rosacea visibly improved within two weeks.’

Additional comments and original email:

Name: Michelle Crist

Date Submitted: 3/15/2002

I have suffered with rosacea for about 8 years now, and have tried topical antibiotics and metrogel, as well as topical steroid cortisone creams. Nothing worked long-term. My rosacea would come and go–oddly enough, it was better in the summer than winter. Sun seemed to help it a little. Could be that I have a darker complexion than most rosacea sufferers.

I purchased the product last winter, and used it for a few weeks. I also bought jojoba oil and used it in conjunction with the brown disk. My rosacea visibly improved within two weeks. The jojoba oil was incredible too! I have dry skin, and it was like a salve. I have always consumed a lot of water, and that makes a difference in every aspect of your life, not just rosacea.

I stopped using the product because the weather changed and I was able to be out (cautiously) in the sun, and my rosacea disappeared. Just a few weeks ago, I decided to start using the brown disk again because it was mid-winter and my rosacea was back again in full force.

In just two weeks, the redness and the few bumps I had have all but disappeared. This sulfur stuff really seems to work! The treatment combined with jojoba oil is tremendous! I am a true believer, and will continue to use it in the summer as well to keep my rosacea in check.

I wish physicians would recommend this treatment to their patients who suffer from rosacea. It’s very effective and cost effective too!

Thank you for your wonderful product!

Rosacea Flushing and Redness – In identifying the triggers that initiate flushing, we can learn to control them.

The Rosacea Diet – When it comes to our skin and our immune system we truly are what we eat and our skin is proof of this.

Steroids are not advised for the treatment of rosacea Use of topical steroids can actually thin the skin and cause additional symptoms of rosacea.

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