Keith has been using Rosacea-Ltd since 2002.

Keith’s rosacea symptoms included sensitivity to most rosacea treatments.

Previously Keith had been treating his rosacea with MetroGel, MetroCream, Minocylin, Klaron Gel, DesOwen, and assorted topicals.

Additional comments and original email:

Name: Keith

Date Submitted: 4/18/2002

This product does wonders. If you have rosacea and haven’t tried anything else but this product, stay with Rosacea LTD III to use. I’ve tried many other products including MetroGel, MetroCream, Minocylin, Klaron Gel, DesOwen topicals, and none of them work. But even worse, all of those other products had made my face even worse where I didn’t even want to go out of the house. But the Rosacea LTD III product does the trick and does not harm my sensitive skin. I apply twice a day and it works fantastic.

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