This patient has been using Rosacea-Ltd since 2002.

Past treatments included metrogel, metrocream, and hydrocortisone.

The patient notes that they saw improvements in as little as three weeks of starting Rosacea-Ltd.

Additional comments and original email:

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Date Submitted: 4/29/2002

This product really works. It does everything is says it will. I have been using it a little under 3 weeks. I can’t believe how it took the redness out of my face. I have had rosacea for several years, and tried metrogels, metrocreams, the only thing that worked was hydrocortisone cream and that isn’t good for your skin. Also, drink lots of ice cold water, that does help. Read life style changes that helped too. Try this, I can’t believe the results I have seen already and I didn’t even use the white disk yet. Thank you so much. I just wish all people with rosacea could find out about this product, it is wonderful. Thank you so much. I just hope you never stop making this product. Thanks again

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