Katherine has had rosacea since 1987.

Katherine states that in 15 years she had tried every treatment her dermatologist knew to prescribe.

Katherine states that within one month she had seen more improvement and her ‘skin hasn’t looked this clear in, well, 15 years.’

Additional comments and original email:

Name: Katherine Potter

Date Submitted: 5/31/2002

I’ve suffered from rosacea for about 15 years and had tried every treatment available (that my dermatologist knew about, anyway.) Then I found the magic disks. Like everyone else, I was skeptical, but when you’re desperate, you become more open-minded! I’ve been using the disks, the Cetaphil soap and the jojoba oil for one month now, and my skin hasn’t looked this clear in, well, 15 years. I’m very happy. I’m a little worried that it will stop working the way the other treatments that worked for awhile, sometimes as long as years, suddenly lost their effectiveness, but according to some of the testimonials I’ve read, it keeps on working. I’m hopeful!

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