Scott’s rosacea symptoms included facial redness and embarrassing flare ups.

Scott’s previous treatments included ‘every product under the sun, including expensive laser surgery with limited success.’

Additional comments and original email:

Name: Scott

Date Submitted: 3/3/2002

I have just ordered the discs for the second time. I, like all of my fellow rosacea sufferers have tried every product under the sun, including expensive laser surgery with limited success. After years of embarrassing flare ups and day to day red face, I happened upon this web site. I thought, what the hell, it couldn’t hurt, but quite frankly wasn’t too hopeful after all the other let downs. Bass & Boney you guy’s and girls are the real deal! Your product not only delivers and keeps on delivering, but you have answered every question I have ever submitted, and actually care about your customers! Now you don’t see that very often. Keep up the fantastic work. To the future customer that may be reading this, DO IT, ORDER IT NOW! You won’t be sorry, this product will give you your self-confidence back, it did me:-)

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