This rosacea sufferer experienced symptoms of rosacea and flakey dermatitis.

Past treatments included topical steroids and rosex… ‘both of which did nothing but aggravate my condition and lead to more heartache.’

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Date Submitted: 3/20/2003

I am thoroughly pleased with the rosacea ltd iii! I have been using it for only a few days and have noticed a marked improvement. And, what’s more, my flaky dermatitis seems to be receding as well! I can’t say how glad I am that your product exists. Truthfully, I am rather shocked at the ignorance of my dermatologist who prescribed topical steroids and rosex…both of which did nothing but aggravate my condition and lead to more heartache. I will most certainly recommend your product to anyone who has this terrible skin condition.
Again, thank you. This experience has led me to a healthy skepticism of the pharmaceutical industry and the ‘learned’ opinions of dermatologists, (who, believe it or not, told me that there was no connection between diet and skin condition and that emouvate was a ‘light’ steroid!).

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