Steve needed help to clear an ocular eye redness condition.

Steve reports almost total clearing of his eye redness in just night with use of Rosacea-Ltd.

Additional comments and original email:

Name: Steve Woodson


Date Submitted: 6/24/2004

I had a recent problem in that I had ocular rosacea or red eye condition. I did not have time to see a dermatologist or a ophthalmologist as I had to take my visual driver’s license examination in two more days. So I went to a local walk-in doctor who was a general practitioner, who wrote a prescription for Polymxin B Sulfate and Trimethoprim. The explanation that I think I heard was that the viral condition might cause a bacterial problem as the eye was red, irritated and susceptible to bacteria.

The only problem in using it the first night was that my eyes were ‘blurry’ or ‘gluey’ with reduced vision. I thought that tomorrow it would be better. I was able to drive but slow and with care just for 3-4 miles in my daily routine neighborhood. However, I was worried about passing my visual driver’s examination or no more driving and I knew the prescription stuff would not work. So I tried what I have heard others have done (and I knew I was following all the directions very well) was to use the Rosacea-Ltd III tan disk simply by wetting my eye lid and gliding the disk over the eye lid and socket area. I could not believe it even though I had heard about it. Walla, in one night’s time my eye looked almost perfect and I passed my eye examination for my driver’s license with no problems.

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