Don’t over think your rosacea treatment. You don’t need a complicated routine to be successful in controlling your rosacea. Keep it simple, keep in basic and keep it on track.

Keep the body well hydrated. Probably 90% of our rosacea flares are related to hydration or rather the lack thereof. If the body is dry, as the body’s largest organ, the skin is dry. If the body is dehydrated, hormone levels will be affected making one more susceptible to facial redness, pimples and papules.

Cleanse the skin gently. Do not over exfoliate. We often think we can scrub away or peel away all the unwanted skin and with it the unwanted rosacea. In reality all this does is make it worse. The skin becomes redder and more sensitive. A soft wash cloth used to apply your skin cleanser will gently remove your makeup, dirt, bacteria and exfoliate the dead skin on the surface of the face without causing more redness or irritation.

Apply your rosacea the treatment. Follow the directions for use and avoid the temptation to use a bit more to speed up the results. A heavier application often leads to more symptoms and skin irritation rather than more improvement in the skin. Keep the application light and on time, a little goes a long way and with sensitive skin caused by rosacea, a little is often all your skin can effectively handle.

Moisturize the skin. A pure moisturizer such as jojoba oil can help to soothe, protect and heal the skin. It helps to form a protective barrier to shield the skin. If your skin is irritated and you rub or scratch it, the result can be damage or open cracks and fissures in the skin allowing bacteria and germs to enter the body. Moisturizing oil can help to seal this fissures or cracks on the skin’s surface. The same is true with dry skin, as the skin becomes dry it cracks allowing bacteria and germs to enter the body.

Don’t skip the moisturizing oil just because your skin is oily. When the skin is oily it’s a clue that you need to revisit the beginning of this page and review hydration. When the skin is dehydrated, it produces more oil on the skin’s surface to help protect and shield the skin and internal body organs. The more you try to remove that oil with astringents or chemical, the more oil the immune system send to the skin’s surface to try to re-enforce the skin’s barrier. So if your skin is oily, drink more water, resist the urge to try to strip off the oil and apply a very light application of jojoba oil to le the immune system know there’s enough oil there to protect the body’s internal organs.

Always apply Sunscreen. The skin is very susceptible to sun damage. Always apply sunscreen and re-apply often when you’re outside.

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