Can peeling the skin remove or exfoliate the rosacea away? In theory it sounds like a possible solution but through closer inspection, we begin to see some flaws in this thinking. Known by the terms, AHA, Alpha hydroxy acid, BHA, Beta hydroxy acids, citrus fruit peels, retinol, retin-A, finacea, all these products work in the a similar manner, the low acid is designed to burn the top layer of skin to allow it to shed more quickly to reveal the younger skin below.

These chemical compounds may be naturally occurring fruit acids or they may be created artificially by replicating the chemical process found in nature.

The OTC fruit acids are by weak quite weak in strength and will not effectively remove the top layer of skin, therefore the results are minimal. If you increase the strength the result is the risk of burning the skin, or irritating it and causing skin redness, stinging or burning sensations. The skin may also feel dry or tight in an effect similar to sunburn. If the symptoms sound familiar, it’s because they are the same symptoms as rosacea. It seems redundant to treat one condition with a product that will cause the same symptoms you are trying to treat.

Finding ways to soothe sensitive, red or irritated rosacea skin will be more effective in promoting the healing of the skin than further aggravation of the skin. This can be achieved naturally with a blended therapy implementing the use of soothing oils and restorative minerals.

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