A little goes a long way. When you gently exfoliate your skin, you remove dull aged skin from the surface and in doing so have a rosier, more youthful glow. You may think, if I achieved with a little, how about speeding up the process to reducing the wrinkles for an even younger appearance. But it doesn’t always work that way. When we exfoliate or speed up the process of removing the outer layer of skin to reveal and more youthful skin beneath, we expose very delicate skin to the elements before it’s had time to adjust. The newer more youthful skin is less able to retain moisture and therefore more sensitive to the effects of drying resulting in dry, flaky wrinkled skin. Isn’t that what we were trying to correct in the first place?

So how do we restore the youthful appearance of our skin without creating rough red patches of irritated skin that look like rosacea; or a drier, more wrinkled appearance that makes us appear older than our years? Restoring the moisture content to the skin will result in a plumper more youthful appearance. This can be achieved by hydrating the skin. You could do this by piling on moisturizers but this may result I clogged pores leading to acne. Another way to achieve skin hydration is to simply increase the amount of water you are drinking. Take a thirty day challenge, double the amount of water you are drinking for one month, don’t change anything else about your skin care regimen, just double your water intake and see the difference.

Do you want to do more to restore the youthful appearance of the skin? Get rid of the anti-aging creams and instead try using one of the restorative healing oils. Jojoba, Safflower, Borage, Chamomile, and Lavender are all great options. Simply leave the skin damp after cleansing and gently massage a drop or two of oil into the dampened skin.

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