Flawed Prescription Drug Research

Rosacea prescription drug research has been flawed for a long time. The scientist that study rosacea make mistakes and can skew results to be more positive.

Most often the flawed information is in the drug research papers instead of natural products or biomedical product research presentations. The reason is that the drug research has so many requirements to get the drug through the FDA and to have the product approved for use and the cost and time is most enormous in comparison to the natural or biomedical research need that is most often very safe for human use. And of course medical doctors of all types have had to rely on the information to make their recommendation and prescription for the patient.

How safe is the product often depends on the research. How much does it confirm to the facts and is the truth of the research actually provided. It is most embarrassing when the researchers have had to admit to the false information that has happen very often over the past 10 years. The drug product company should not have any other interest other than in producing a wonderful product for the patient of the future. A list of some drugs removed from the market are found at: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_withdrawn_drugs. You may learn of the severity of prescription drug deaths in the United States and Canada and possibly be disturbed or most concerned after reading: http://commonground.ca/2012/01/prescription-drug-deaths/.