As the baby boomers age, the number of chronic health conditions appear to be reaching an epidemic level in terms of medical treatment and research. Medical researchers have found that a common thread at the root of the majority the vast array of chronic health conditions is inflammation.

Inflammation triggers an immune system response causing rosacea, eczema, psoriasis, and even acne. Inflammation is the body’s defense system which triggers the response to what it identifies as an attack on the body. The skin will react as the front line of defense to isolate what it identifies as an attack on the body. The skin is in fact the outer shield of protection for the internal organs.

Inflammation of the internal organs which result in such conditions as clogged arteries, high blood pressure, diabetes, asthma, COPD, and sleep abnormalities to name a few. The internal inflammation is a direct result of what we have fed the body or through a lack of healthy lifestyle choices have created have created a breakdown in the body’s ability to function. In essence we send the body into over drive trying to stabilize the effects of too many poor choices. Chronic health conditions are often perceived as genetic in nature because as humans we are creatures of habit, we live what we learn and as observe poor lifestyle choices, we in turn display and practice poor lifestyle choices. Inflammatory conditions are considered an epidemic in western cultures but as the western culture spreads throughout the developing nations, so too does the crisis of inflammation.

The majority of the time, inflammation is a good thing. If you are bitten by an insect, your body initiates an immune system response to isolate the foreign bacteria through the release signaling molecules, called IL-6 receptors. These receptors initiate an inflammatory response to isolate the invading bacteria. The immune system reaction involves a variety of more than 20 proteins that produce a chemical reaction to isolate the foreign bacteria. The symptoms of this immune system response are the sensation of redness, itching and the skin possibly even feeling warm or hot to the touch at the site of insect bite. This is a signal that the inflammatory response is working as it isolates the bacteria and triggers the healing process.

Chronic inflammation results when the body goes into overdrive with increasing and sustained redness and inflammation. The key to stopping the immune system attack is to balance the reaction to the immune system response through balancing the pH.