`Most people have no idea how to manage their rosacea. We mistakenly assume that we get a prescription, apply the cream to our skin. We’re told watch your triggers and avoid them, and that’s it. Sounds great but where’s the rest of the story? How will this cream or gel help, and what are MY triggers?

Managing and controlling rosacea takes a lot more than a visit to your dermatologist. It takes a motivated dedication on your part to your own treatment. You need to take control of your rosacea management. Learn about the factors that influence rosacea and use this information to reflect on your condition and isolate what factors may have influenced your current condition.

Before you begin a new treatment, stop everything else and let your skin recover from the last treatment so that you can determine if the new treatment is working, if it is helping your rosacea or if this most recent flare may have in fact been the result of your current treatment. It surprising how often the prescription we’ve been given to reduce facial redness has had the opposite effect and caused more skin redness and skin sensitivity.

Managing your rosacea is not a task you can trust to someone else, it’s a chore you must perform yourself. Start with a solid basic platform, stop what you’ve been using to treat your symptoms, let your skin recover from the effects of your past medications – this usually takes anywhere from one to two weeks. During this time, take note of anything you eat, drink or any event such as stress, fatigue, or exercise that causes your skin to react. If you find that after a rough day at work, you relax with a glass of wine and find your skin reacts with increased flushing, experiment try that glass of wine when you’re not stressed from work and see if the problem is the wine or the stressful day at work. It’s not always necessary to avoid every known trigger for rosacea symptoms, just manage and control the effect of the triggers by controlling the environment in which they occur to minimize the effects of your symptom response.

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