We have spoken a lot about balancing the body’s pH as a method of controlling the symptoms of rosacea and managing the skin’s response to rosacea triggers. There are many ways this can be achieved. Our body acts in many ways as a complex system of checks and balances and when operating at its optimum levels, controlling rosacea symptoms is a very easy task. Our body naturally neutralizes acids through a system of controlled buffers or processes. The body expels some acids through the basic process of breathing. As we exhale, we release carbon dioxide from the lungs, the carbon dioxide is a by-product of the body filtering and processing the oxygen we breathe. The carbon dioxide is acidic and through exhaling we release or remove these acids from the body. Some acids from the foods and beverages we consume are excreted through the kidneys and colon. As we perspire we expel acids through our sweat.

As long as we never take in more than our body can comfortably expel, this process works perfectly to control and maintain an optimum balance within the body. The balance can be disrupted when we consume more acids than the body can easily expel or when the body in under stress from illness, lack of sleep, or hormonal issues. It is at these times that we experience an increase in our reaction to rosacea triggers and find that our symptoms of facial redness, skin dryness, irritation pimple sand papules tend to flare.

The body maintains natural hormonal levels to aid in balancing the alkaline/acidic balance. One of these hormones; cortisol peaks in the early morning as its levels are replenished through adequate sleep and rest. This is why we often notice that our rosacea symptoms are less prominent in the morning and seem to worsen as the day progresses. When our sleep patterns are disrupted, the cortisol levels are also disrupted causing the pattern of balance to be affected. Once the pattern is disrupted the body can get into a pattern of imbalance that can cause the skin to over react to our rosacea triggers creating a more sever flare in symptoms.

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