Rosacea management is challenge; one makes treatment choices and then gauges the success or failure of those treatment choices, and modifies their regimen to tweak the best course of treatment for them. Each person’s treatment plan is an individual approach based on your environment, your social surroundings, your dietary habits, other conditions you may have that can affect rosacea or medications you are taking for other conditions that can affect your rosacea. Your level of activity will influence your rosacea treatment choices, as well as the time you have to invest in your skin care regimen.

These factors are constantly changing based on your results and level of commitment to your rosacea treatment plan. Depending on the sensitivity of your skin as your begin treatment, you may require the very gentlest of applications and products and as your skin heals you will find that you have many more options in skin care and management.

Because rosacea is a huge interlocking puzzle it can be difficult at first to see the impact of one thing on another. For instance your blood pressure medicine may cause an increase in your facial flushing due to the ingredients in the medication. But it is also possible that your blood pressure at least partially results from stress you experience due to the facial flushing, in this case the goal needs to be to reduce the stress, reduce the redness and lower the blood pressure to see results – a pill may help, but clearly more commitment on your part is also necessary.

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