Authorities in the rosacea treatment field have long touted oral antibiotic therapy as an option in the treatment of rosacea. Indeed oral antibiotics were first suggested nearly 60 years ago as an off-label treatment for the symptoms of rosacea. Research studies by Dr. Jonathan Wilkin displayed his efforts to treat the symptoms but not address treatment of the cause of rosacea. His research shows the beginnings of casual treatment with antibiotics that may in fact have contributed to the emergence of antibiotic resistance and the super bugs of today.

In his research, Dr. Wilkin did controlled studies involving his patients and treatment of rosacea symptoms. He found that in random studies oral antibiotic treatment in fact showed no significant improvement of moderate to severe rosacea. Another study he conducted found that while oral antibiotics were moderately effective in papules and pustule reduction, they were basically worthless in treating the underlying vascular symptoms of facial redness, spider veins and flushing. In some cases it could even be argued that the side effects of oral antibiotic use may have made these symptoms worse.

The theory behind antibiotic use for rosacea was that it would address the symptoms of inflammation associated with rosacea, but continued antibiotic use was required to maintain the reduction of inflammation. The problem here was that the antibiotic would cease to be effective after 3 to 4 months requiring that the patient rotate the antibiotic prescribed to achieve the same result.
If all you wish to do is treat the symptoms but not the cause, would it not be safer and less expensive to just use a green lotion cover-up? It has taken nearly 50 years for anyone to come up with any definitive new research on the cause of rosacea. Bass & Boney, Inc have promoted the theory that rosacea is in fact the result of an immune system imbalance or malfunction. Their research goes on to suggest that if one were to adjust their diet and lifestyle to achieve a proper pH balance in the body, that one’s own immune system would alleviate the symptoms of rosacea.

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