Your rosacea triggers are often influenced by habits. You get complacent in your rosacea treatment routine and get a bit lazy about how you monitor your triggers and before you realize it, you are dealing with yet another rosacea flare. And it always seems to happen when at a time when you really need your rosacea to rest quietly in remission.

None of us are perfect and so often when your rosacea symptoms are under control, you slip up a little bit, and indulge in a few more of the things that can trigger a flare-up of symptoms. Once the symptoms get out of control, it can almost seem monumental to rein in the habits again. Just as in the workplace, you re-certify every couple years to refresh your habits and learn what’s new in your field, from time to time you need to review and refresh your rosacea treatment regimen.

It’s just all seems so over whelming at times and you may wonder where to begin. Below we list a few simple steps to start you on your journey back to controlling your rosacea.

Review Rosacea Lifestyle Recommendations and Rosacea Redness Flushing and Blushing to help you pinpoint the habits that may be causing or contributing to your most recent flare. The list is quite extensive and you may find that some apply to your rosacea and some do not. You may also find that some things that in the past did not contribute to your rosacea flares suddenly do seem to be having an effect on it now. And that is not unusual as your skin changes and ages, different things will affect it in different ways.

Prioritize your rosacea routine. To avoid distraction, make a list of what you need to do and focus on to get back on your rosacea treatment schedule. Identify the triggers, find ways to avoid or minimize them, hydrate the skin by increasing your water intake; this will help ease dryness, redness, itching and irritation, review your treatment, clean the skin, treat the skin, moisturize the skin, protect the skin. Relax and focus on the results, stressing about your symptoms will only make them worse.

Celebrate and reward your accomplishments. Getting control of your rosacea is a big deal and it feels great when you accomplish that control.

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