In the nuances of rosacea types and classifications, the term pre-rosacea came into being a few years ago. Pre-rosacea also termed as Mild Rosacea or Early Onset Rosacea is determined by frequent occurrences of facial flushing or blushing which may come and go but do not last long.  There is no inflammation or facial swelling present in this early stage. For many people who identify the problem and take corrective measures, this is as far as their rosacea progresses.

The facial flushing of early onset rosacea or pre-rosacea is often triggered by the same complex set of triggers that influence the later stages of rosacea. Thus effective treatment at this early stage can help control and manage the severity of the progressive condition. The triggers that affect your facial flushing response may not be the same as the triggers that affect others. For that reason it can be helpful to keep a journal of each episode of flushing in order to identify your triggers. A good place to begin is to learn about the most common facial flushing triggers. You can find a list of common facial triggers here.  Learning to minimize the episodes that cause facial flushing can be helpful in controlling the severity and frequency of the pre-rosacea flushing.

Facial flushing can managed through both an understanding of the causes the facial redness and an understanding of what influences facial redness.  Facial redness can be caused by reactive processes related to food, medication, allergies, stress, dehydration or even sunlight. Rosacea flushing is also directly caused by spicy foods, hot beverages, hot or cold environments or temperatures, or chemicals and additives applied to the skin.

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