The old adage that eating an apple everyday can keep the doctor away may be true but a tall glass of celery juice (16 ounces) may keep rosacea away! Celery ranks very high on the alkaline food chart which makes it a great choice to add to foods or to drink in a juiced form to balance acidic foods. Celery contains numerous health benefits: it can boost white cell counts through the compound coumarin and aids our vascular system. Celery like all high alkaline content foods, purifies the bloodstream, is a natural stress reliever, helps reduce blood pressure, it aids in balancing and maintaining our digestive system.

The vitamins and nutrients in celery, namely sodium, calcium, magnesium, iron and silicon are essential natural anti-inflammatories and are beneficial to rosacea sufferers in reducing skin redness and irritation. Celery acts as a natural diuretic and aids the body in removing toxins from the body and consuming celery can help prevent clogged pores leading to acne pimples and rosacea papules.

Many of celery natural healing minerals can also be found in Rosacea-Ltd. So for an added boost in reducing rosacea symptoms, one can apply Rosacea-Ltd topically and consume celery internally. Clear skin has never been so easy.

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