Rosacea and seborrhea dermatitis can exist separately or they may occur together. Rosacea is a sensitive skin condition affecting mainly the facial areas of the skin although the eyes, ears and even neck may display symptoms of rosacea. These symptoms include redness or facial flushing, a sensation of heat, burning or itchiness of the skin. Even small red bumps which contain no pus may be present.

Seborrhea dermatitis is a skin condition primarily present on the scalp or facial areas of the skin. On the facial areas, seborrhea dermatitis is usually limited to the hairline or eyebrows and seldom is seen on the cheeks or chin whereas rosacea is commonly found on the cheeks and chin. Seborrhea dermatitis is observed as patches of dry, flaky skin that have almost a greasy or oily feel to them. Seborrhea dermatitis is often seen in infants as a condition of the scalp known as cradle cap. These flaky patches can also occur on the ear lobes and may or may not have a slight detectable odor. Because the seborrhea dermatitis may be itchy, scratching can lead to patches of reddened skin similar to rosacea.

Many treatment designed to address the symptoms of one condition can be too harsh or irritating for the other. Therefore it can be challenging to find a treatment that can address the symptoms of both conditions simultaneously. One such treatment that can address the needs and symptoms of both conditions successfully is Rosacea-Ltd. This mineral salt based treatment has the unique ability to calm the redness, relieve the itching, while addressing the root cause of the flaking patches of seborrhea dermatitis.

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