Body Minerals For Your Rosacea Treatment


The ingredients of Rosacea-Ltd IV is exactly what the body needs for the very best rosacea treatment in the least amount of time, and likewise for ocular rosacea treatment results. Rosacea-Ltd IV is the safest rosacea treatment with no side effects, and the least expensive rosacea treatment anywhere in the world. As you will quickly see, ‘you can not lose anything but your rosacea’ as we have a 100% refund for any reason (or no reason) within 120 days of purchase.

As you will observe that the mineral ingredients in red checks in the boxes are those that are contained within of our Rosacea-Ltd IV disks. These minerals were chosen specifically for the excellent healing properties.

Macrominerals (Essential) Percentage Column 4
Oxygen – H2O or water contains one atom of oxygen & two of hydrogen 65.4 43 kg
Carbon 18.2 12 kg
Hydrogen – H20 or water has two atoms of hydrogen & one of oxygen 9.5 6.3 kg
Nitrogen 3 2 kg
Calcium 1.6 1.1 kg
Phosphorus 1.14 750 grams
Potassium 0.342 225 grams
Sulfur 0.228 150 grams
Chloride 0.152 100 grams
Sodium 0.137 90 grams
Magnesium 0.053 35 grams
Silicon 0.046 30 grams
Microminerals Percentage Average Human BodyContent (70kg person) Essentiality
Iron 0.00638 4,200 mg Essential
Fluoride 0.00395 2,600 mg Essential
Zinc 0.00365 2,400 mg Essential
Rubidium 0.000532 350 mg Essential
Strontium 0.000486 320 mg Probably Essential
Lead 0.000243 160 mg Possibly Essential
Copper 0.000137 90 Mg Essential

We are frequently asked about the sulfur content in Rosacea-Ltd IV and whether or not it’s safe for people with allergies to sulfa. The two are so very different. Sulfur is used only on the skin as it is a natural base mineral required in the body system, whereas sulfa is a synthetic material produced on an assembly line for the treatment of bacteria. As the oral sulfa antibiotic pill is swallowed, the effects are systemic or throughout the body, whereas the sulfur of less than 1% in the tan Rosacea-Ltd IV disk and less than 2% in the yellow Rosacea-Ltd IV disk is applied topically. The result is that an allergy to sulfa does not mean one is allergic to sulfur.

Sulfur is a naturally occurring mineral in the earth as all base minerals in the body as you will see in the table below. In fact it’s the eighth most abundant mineral in the human body. Sulfa is a complex molecule which does ‘not’ include sulfur. The allergy to the synthetically produced sulfa is caused by proteins formed by sulfa when ingested. Sulfur is completely safe for people with allergies to sulfa.