Charlene has been a rosacea sufferer since 1995.

Past treatments included various prescription treatments, vitamins and alternative therapies.

Saw results using Rosacea-Ltd with excellent results. She also found the recommendations and information on the website to be very helpful in controlling her symptoms.

Additional comments and original email:

Name: Charlene

Date Submitted: 5/12/1998

I have been battling rosacea for 3 years now and have tried numerous prescriptions, vitamins, alternative therapies, etc.
I was skeptical at first, as I have tried so many different products. I am happy to write that I have had excellent results with the Rosacea Ltd..

I would urge anyone with Rosacea to try this product and the wonderful recommendations on their informative website. They have helped me tremendously.

Thank you.

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Reading their actual accounts of their issues in dealing with rosacea can be very inspiring and helpful as it lets you know that in this battle, you are not alone. As they share their stories, please consider sharing yours in the hope that it may help someone too.

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