Randy has been a sufferer since 1994.

Symptoms include redness and pimples.

Past treatments include cleocin-t, metro-gel, and oral antibiotics-minocycline.

Saw results using Rosacea-Ltd and within one week and noted the following results: He has been using only Rosacea-Ltd since May of 1998 and found relief of his symptoms within one week of use. I had a very good experience in my dealings with this company.
Additional comments and original email:

Name: Randy

Date Submitted: 7/27/1998

It has been approximately 2 months that I have been using only Rosacea-LTD products and I too have found relief (noted after 1 week) for my Rosacea symptoms, mainly redness and occ. pimples. I have had rosacea for 4 years and was treated with topicals: cleocin-t, metro-gel, and oral antibiotics-minocyline with overall poor results. I really urge you to try this product. I had a very good experience in my dealings with this company. I find it IRONIC that the Rosacea Society does not provide information on this product on their Web site,–corporate greed rules– the website is sponsered by Galderma (producer of Metrocream/Gel).

Randy from Lincoln, Nebraska


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