Rosacea & Exercise

Exercise is an excellent method for reducing stress and improving rosacea symptoms! To minimize flushing from exercise, time your outdoor workouts for the cooler times of day in the summer – early morning or evening hours, and in winter try to time your outdoor exercise for the warmer hours of day – late morning and afternoon. Indoors exercise in a moderate climate controlled environment.

To reduce stress and fatigue during exercise, some leading college basketball coaches would encourage their student athletes to consume 18 to 20 eight ounces glasses of water per day when engaging in sports. They were further instructed to hydrate the body heavily for up to six hours on the day of a game.

The symptoms of rosacea facial redness, flushing and papules are triggered by fatigue and body stress. Exercise in the right mood or mental attitude for a positive beneficial exercise. If you are already stressed, take a few minutes to unwind and re-group before beginning your exercise routine. To prevent acne pimples, wash the face well before the exercise program to keep the face cooler and keep the film of oil, etc. from blocking the pores.

The rosacea sufferer has to keep a positive attitude! Remember that you cannot control everything but you can control your own attitude! Management studies show that people with a good sense of humor are promoted faster and go further in corporations than humorless people. Also, they usually have more social friends.

Tips for exercising:

Be moderate with the intensity of the exercise routine.

Arrange your exercise routine in short sets of exercise with a cool down period in between.

Don’t exercise in very cold or very hot environments.

Stay well hydrated before, during and after your workout.

Consider investing in one of the many brands of thermos-regulating cooling towels available in many stores. They help to reduce core body temperature by ten or more degrees and relieve flushing due to exercise or working in a heated environment.  Use the towel to cool, blot perspiration and absorb sweat and excess moisture

Exercise aerobically; remember that breathing deeply is as essential to your workout as the physical activity.


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