We’ve all heard the saying, “you can’t see the forest for the trees”. The specific quote is: “It cannot see the wood for the trees” credited to Frederick Engels who in 1875 used the statement in a book he wrote on socialism. Engels was referring to how such an intense focus on a single concept can cause one to become blind or overlook the connection to the larger picture.

In treating rosacea we can easily become too immersed in our symptoms and treating the symptoms that are on the surface – namely the redness, itching, pimples, papules and facial bumps that we overlook the root cause of these symptoms. We can’t see the solution to our rosacea because we are too focused or absorbed in dealing with the visual aspect of our rosacea.

What you view on the surface of the skin: the redness, the pimples, blisters or dry rough patches are not so much the symptoms of the condition as the end result. Rosacea is a much more systemic condition. It does not affect just the surface or skin but the entire body.  What you observe on the surface of the skin is a by-product of the internal battle between your body’s immune system and a foreign bacteria or allergen. Rosacea occurs when the body’s immune system malfunctions or over-reacts to an invading stimulus.

One should approach the treatment of rosacea both internally and externally. Diet, stress, lack of sleep, and even hydration all play a vital role in the proper function of the internal organs and internal response of the immune system. On our diet pages you can learn more about the ways foods and gluten affect the body and ultimately our skin. Stress and lack of sleep affect the body’s ability to function at its peak causing the body to go into an over drive system of reaction.

Externally we need to approach rosacea by keeping the skin moisturized to reduce itching and help seal the surface to prevent foreign particles from entering the body. Moisturize the skin with calming oils such as jojoba oil, borage or chamomile.

As we treat the symptoms of rosacea, let’s also begin to address the cause. Rosacea is a by-product resulting from an overly acidic environment in the body. The skin is our largest organ and therefore very susceptible to the effects of over acidity. Rosacea is more than facial redness, papules and bumps. These symptoms are just one piece of the whole picture.

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