While there is some controversy whether rosacea causes the skin to be drier and more dehydrated or whether dehydration causes the skin to be more prone to rosacea and dryness.  One thing is certain – the areas of facial skin affected by rosacea have a marked tendency to be drier and in more need of moisturizers. Adding moisture to the skin helps to soothe the itching commonly associated with rosacea. Hydrating the skin can also have a cooling effect on the often over-heated rosacea skin.

One of the more popular choices is jojoba oil. This is not an actual oil but rather a wax ester. Applied topically, Jojoba oil was incorporated for a number of medicinal uses by the early Americans as it is well received by the skin due to its similarities to the natural oils produced by our own skin. Jojoba oil contains many known healing and restorative properties.

Borage oil  contains an essential fatty acid called gamma-linolenic acid, which is not produced naturally by the body. Borage oil aids in the reduction of redness and inflammation. It can be used internally or applied topically.

Lavender and  chamomile oils are essential oils known for their ability to soothe, moisturize and protect the skin. Applied topically both have anti-inflammatory capabilities. The scent of these two oils is pleasing to the mind and is also used to promote stress-relief through relaxation techniques.

Green tinted lotions can aid not only in providing needed moisture to the skin but can also lightly mask or tone down facial redness. Some of the more commonly found green-tinted options include Eucerin Redness Relief with a SPF of 15 and Avene Anti-Redness lotion with an SPF of 10. The green tone of the moisturizer helps to diminish the brightness of the red infused rosacea skin. This is not a permanent fix but a temporary cover-up.

Neutrogena  and CeraVe also make a moisturizer for sensitive skin that has been shown to be well tolerated by those with rosacea affected skin. These are water-based oil-free moisturizers for those who may be concerned about applying oil to their skin.

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