Put simply pH refers to a living things potential of hydrogen; it is a measure of a living tings ability to attract hydrogen ions. Hydrogen is one of the four basic elements necessary for life. Hydrogen allows nutrients to travel through the body to supply and feed cells, skin and organs. A pH level of 7 is considered pH neutral, above 7 is pH alkaline and below 7 is pH acidic.

When the body is too acidic the skin as the body’s largest organ goes into distress. This distress is defines by the symptoms the skin displays: facial redness may indicate rosacea, a too acidic body may show signs of acne, a proliferation of accelerated skin growth may be indicative of psoriasis, or the skin may become sensitive to outside allergens as in the case of eczema.

The body requires a balance of acidic and alkaline nutrients to survive and thrive. We need acid foods for ‘endurance and energy’ to be productive. The usually ratio is 1 acidic to 4 alkaline foods. Also, you may look up the ‘glycemic’ level or calorie level of various foods. Most of the high calorie foods are likewise to provide ‘endurance and energy’ however; they do cause more skin problems.

Obviously, a balance needs to be made individually with the individual. A working person would need more ‘calorie foods’ while needing the 1 acidic food to 4 alkaline foods to keep the bones strong, the stomach from getting too acidic, and the skin from revolting. Many rosacea sufferers consume too many acidic foods which can often result in other problems. We often hear them say, “The antibiotic made me sick” and we know what they mean as “95% of medication is acidic. What this means is: with an acidic capsule or tablet entering a stomach with hydrochloric acid with a pH of 2 to break down food when the digestive system has been overloaded with more acidic foods, it can be irritating even with the pancreatic bile and liver bile with a pH of 8 neutralizing it somewhat. Too bad that the stomach does not have a computer chip to monitor which food enters with at what pH so it can adjust automatically. And there are so many different levels of pH even in the same food. An apple has a high pH in the alkaline range; however, many apples vary in this range depending on the apple brand. And of course a ‘green’ or immature apple that is eaten before being naturally ripened will have an acidic pH. We have often heard of little children have a stomach ache due to eating too many green apples and sometimes a resulting problem with diarrhea.

Pay attention to your skin and listen to what it’s telling you. The symptoms of your ski conditions will tell you when your skin is in distress.

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