Preventing rosacea from ever occurring may be the most effective rosacea cure of all. But can rosacea truly be prevented? If you prescribe to the theory that rosacea is a genetic condition then at this time, and at this stage of scientific research into genetic modification, then no we are not at the point of preventing rosacea.

But what if rosacea is not s genetic condition but a learned condition as others have theorized? This being the case, what has been learned can be unlearned, behavior can be modified and controlled, and thus rosacea can be controlled.

There is growing speculation and even some confirmed proof that rosacea is the product of an immune system malfunction. That weakness within the immune system results in a reactionary process resulting in rosacea symptoms. The theory being that the largest organs within the body will be the first to display signs and symptoms of any targeted immune system attack or weakness. The skin is the body’s largest organ and therefore the more sensitive or vulnerable areas of the skin would be the first to show distress in the form of redness, dryness, irritation or the sensations of heat or cold. All of these symptoms of skin distress are also common symptoms of rosacea. Keeping the immune system performing at its peak would therefore control and eliminate the symptoms of rosacea. The prevention and cure of rosacea is an attainable goal.

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