Rosacea results from a bio-chemical reaction due to interaction between the environment and our skin. Our skin acts as a shield to protect the internal organs from the outside environment. When that protective shield is breached, the immune system is compromised and our skin as the body largest single organ is the first to react.

Our skin’s protective shield can be breached externally through interaction with air-born pollutants, topical applications to the skin, and cuts or abrasions to the skin, which can breach the protective barrier the skin. These cracks may result from harsh chemicals that stripe away the skin’s protect barrier layers or damage to the skin such as scrapes or cuts. Extremely dry skin allows the barrier to be breached through small fissures or gaps in the upper layer of the skin.

Our immune system then has to fight the intrusion – if it’s strong enough there is no problem, but if the immune system is weakened, the reactionary process will be evident on the skin. The skin will display evidence of this battle through skin redness, itching, small bumps or blisters.

We can enhance the protective barrier of the skin with a thin layer of jojoba oil, which is quite similar to the natural oils produced by the skin. Helping to build up the outer layer can allow the immune system valuable time to heal the breach.

Internally we can enhance the skin’s outer layer by striving to keep the body pH at a neutral balance. If the body is too acidic or too alkaline it hampers the body’s ability to maintain the skin’s outer barriers allowing germs, bacteria, etc… to infiltrate the body’s defenses.

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